Licking is a self-soothing activity for dogs. Lickimats are great for this. Spread some cream cheese, raw food, peanut butter (xylitol-free), wet food, etc. Supervise to prevent chewing of the Lickimat.


Tug-e-Nuff Dog Gear – great for training and bonding with your dog. First time customers enjoy a discount by clicking here: or using code NAOMIANDDOGS at checkout.


Excellent for slow-feeding and helping your pup to learn to be on its own:


For pups that find Kong a bit too challenging, there's Toppl. Good for slowing down eating. Add a second smaller one and interlock for more of a challenge:

Nature's Menu Meaty Treats

We highly recommend these meaty treats for training. We like these because they can be broken up, squished back together and are moist and smelly without being offensive to the human nose. Dogs love them:

Natural chews - Air Dried Beef Hide

Chewing is another self-soothing activity for puppies and dogs. These are smelly, but the pups love them! Good for teething and helping them settle down (make sure to supervise your puppy/dog):

Natural chews - Hooves

Also air dried, these last longer than hide and can be filled (make sure to supervise your puppy/ dog):

Long line (rubberised)

Excellent for training recall (come when called) in the park. These lines are weather-proofed and have a rubberised grip. Must be used with a harness:

Long line (biothane)

Another good long-line, weather-proofed, but without a grip:

Enrichment ideas

For some fun, simple and cost-effective enrichment ideas: Canine Enrichment and Beyond the Bowl - Canine Enrichment Facebook Pages.

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